Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Double Take

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This morning we had a fabulous storyteller WOW us with music, song and story.  He told us some traditional African tales and taught us several songs and movement games!  Shay Shay Koolay!  Thank you, Baba Alafia.

In the afternoon, our books were all very special because they taught us to look at something more than once!  Sometimes the same word can have more than one meaning...  Or a shape can make more than one picture if we use our imaginations!

Rrralph by Lois Ehlert
The narrator describes discovering how Ralph the dog can talk, appropriately saying words such as "roof," "rough," "bark," and "wolf."

Dear Deer by Gene Barretta
When clever Aunt Ant moves to the zoo, she describes the quirky animal behavior she observes by speaking in homophones, from the moose who loved mousse to the fox who blew blue bubbles.

Duck!  Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Is it a duck or a rabbit? Depends on how you look at it! A smart, simple story that will make readers of all ages eager to take a side, Duck! Rabbit! makes it easy to agree on one thing, reading it again!

My Five Pets Fingerplay:

I have five pets I'd like you to meet;
They live with me on Mulberry Street.
This is my chicken, the smallest of all,
He comes running whenever I call.
This is my duckling who says, "Quack, quack,"
As she shakes the water off her back.
This is my rabbit, he runs from his pen,
Then I must put him in again.
This is my kitten, her coat is black and white,
She loves to sleep on my plilow at night.
And this is my puppy who has lots of fun,
He chases the others and makes them run!

"Shay Shay Koolay" Action Song:

Shay Shay Koolay
Shay Kofisa
Kifisa Langa
Kaka Shilanga
Kum Aden Day
Kum Aden Day
Kum Aden Day

Based on the Duck! Rabbit! book, we created a DUCK...
And a RABBIT for craft time!

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