Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Love

April 24, 2103

In celebration of Earth Day this past Monday, I selected books that discuss caring for our planet and taking care of the trees and plants!

Nibbles:  A Green Tale by Charlotte Middleton
Every guinea pig in Dandeville loves to eat dandelion leaves until there is only one plant left, and Nibbles secretly and carefully tends this treasure until he can share the seeds with his community.

"Dig, Dig, Dig" Action Rhyme:
I dig, dig, dig
And I plant some seeds
I rake, rake, rake
And I pull some weeds
I wait and watch
And soon I know
My garden sprouts
And starts to grow!

The Earth Book by Todd Parr
How can we help care for our planet?  This book is full of ideas!

"I Am a Tall Tree" Fingerplay:
I am a tall tree
I reach toward the sky
Where bright stars twinkle
And clouds float by.
My branches toss this way
As the wild winds blow
Then they bend forward
Laden with snow
When they sway gently,
I like it best
Then I rock the little birds
To sleep in their nest.

We Planted a Tree by Diane Muldrow
Simple text reveals the benefits of planting a single tree, both to those who see it grow and to the world as a whole.

We made our very own Earth Mosaic during craft time!
The blue water is my favorite part...

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