Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bats in the Belfry

Wednesdsay, October 23, 2013

Hello, Bumblebee Bat by Darrin Lunde
Meet the tiny, pig-nosed bumblebee bat of Thailand!

"Five Little Bats" Action Rhyme:
Five little bats sitting on a gate.
First one said, "Oh my, it's getting late."
Second one said, "There are mosquitoes in the air."
Third one said, "Let's eat them up right here!"
Fourth one said, "I'm ready for some fun!"
Fifth one said, "Let's flap and run."
The whoooo went the wind, and out went the light,
And the five little bats flew off in the night.

Boo, Bunny by Kathryn Galbraith
Two small bunnies face their fears while trick-or-treating on Halloween night.
"Five Little Bats on a Dark Night" Action Rhyme:
Five little bats on a dark, dark night
Five little bats are quite a sight
Five little bats.  Are you keeping score?
One flies away and that leaves four.
Four little bats as happy as can be.
One flies away and that leaves three.
Three little bats swooping to and fro.
One flies away and that leaves two.
Two little bats having lots of fun.
One flies away and that leaves one.
One little bat and we're almost done!
He flies away and that leaves none.

Mouse's First Halloween by Lauren Thompson
 "One spooky night in the fall, Mouse creeps out and hears bats flying flit! flit! flit! and apples dropping plop! plop! plop! and children singing 'trick or treat!' What could it be?"

Our Bat Craft hangs upside down AND flaps its wings!

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